Changing seasons.. Not about the weather

I started to write this post thinking about the transition back to school, it's hard to think about it actually turning to fall when the weather is still in the 80's. With October right around the corner and winter coming quickly we're moving into "fall season." 

In acute rehab there are seasons, "joint replacements" at the end of September before golfer's move down to Florida for the winter, "fall season" usually a few days after the first hard frost, and "hip replacements" once the weather starts to get nicer and people plan trips. These seasons are not meant to make light of the injuries and events that happen, just showing some of the patterns that year round therapists typically encounter. 

As you can imagine by the work that I do as part of Home Field Advantage, individuals that come in after a fall (especially preventable ones) make me wince thinking about the "what ifs."

What if they had a grab bar in the shower to possibly prevent falling in the shower?

What if there was a handrail on the stairs in the garage?

What if the rug in the kitchen had been taped down?

When someone comes in for a fall related injury one of the first questions they are asked is "what were you doing when you fell?" The answer 9/10 times is "it was the silliest thing, I went to reach for/pick up/do something I've done a thousand times.

The challenge is to work with individuals before a fall. To keep them out of the hospital-rehab-subacute rehab continuum for as long as safely possible. 

So while you or your loved ones are preparing the changing seasons with fall cleanup and last of the year house projects why not consider accessibility and safety within the home? 

Are there ways to improve safety as you move through rooms in your house? Are there a few small changes that could decrease the risk for falls? What does any of this mean? 

I can help with this. 

Before the frost. Before the snow. Before the black ice. 

Before "it was the silliest thing."

Check out the services offered by Home Field Advantage and how we are able to meet your home accessibility needs.